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Anger Management Training, Counseling and Therapy in Louisville, KY
 Anger Management is a process of recognizing the signs that you are becoming angry, learning to take action to defuse from anger and calm down, and learning to deal with situations in a positive and effective ways. Anger Management is not about keeping you from feeling anger or holding it in. Neither of these are possible, although you may have some awareness that you have been trying to not feel or express anger for much of your life. Anger is one of our normal emotions necessary for healthy living. And Yes, it is needed for living in a Godly or spiritual way as well.
"The Problem with Anger is not that we experience it, but that we have not learned to recognize it, address it, or use anger well and appropriately to  resolve the difficult situations and problems experienced in daily living."
     Bill Marrett, LPCC, LMFT & Certified Anger Management Specialist-I
 Learning to recognize and express Anger appropriately for adaptive purposes can be life transforming. The Anger Management Training I provide is designed to help you recognize the various experiences in your life in which anger shows up and produces unpleasant and undesired outcomes. As you learn to gain control over your experience of anger, you will gain more control over yourself: your behaviors, your feelings, and the outcomes you want most. You will learn to be more calm and focused on expressing the other parts of your experience which represents your needs.
 Of course, everyone feels angry, saying and doing things they regret from time to time. This is normal, and not necessarily a sign you need to seek help with anger management. However, when your anger is damaging your relationships, interferring with work and other social interactions... and is generally making you and/or those around you miserable... or, is resulting in dangerous or violent behavior, you probably need help.

You know you need help controling your anger when:


You often feel like you have to hold in your anger.

You have frequent arguments with your partner, children or co-workers that excalate frustrations and adds stress in your life.

You experience "Out-of-Control" behavior, such as breaking things or driving recklessly.

Your anger leads to physical violence, such as hitting your partner or children or starting fights. 

Your anger leads you to threaten violence against people or property.

You find yourself in trouble with the Law. 

Somehow you may have learned to cope by using anger in unhelpful, even hurtful ways...and are ready to learn to manage and control your use of anger.
coping well with anger is a learned behavior. and while you are learning about anger, and about coping well.. You will learn much more to assist you in enjoying life and your relationships.
 Deciding to get professional help is a relief in itself. And, since you have been thing about this for some time...Go Ahead...make the call. It will be your beginning of remarkable advances in managing anger and increasing your effectiveness in life. And...As you are learning about anger, You may notice that you begin to feel better overall, and think better and have more options to solve problems and situations that use to only cause anger. Perhaps...As you learn and practive what you learn, you will find that your life has transformed in some way... a positive way... and the lives of those around you change as well.
So, as you commit to making positive changes...
Call Me at (502) 376-0129 to begin Anger Management Training.
William A. Marrett, MDiv, LPCC, LMFT
   Anger Management Specialist - I



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 "Uncontrolled and Ineffective use of the greatest cause of recurring Marital Conflict...and a predictor of Marital Dissatisfaction and Divorce due to the unresolved issues and problems."

William A. Marrett, MDiv, LMFT






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